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- Victor est malade. Il toussait déjà hier mais comme il semblait en forme, je ne m’inquiétais pas.
- Oui.
- Mais ce matin, il ne se levait pas alors j’ai pris sa température. 39°. C’est beaucoup trop. Aujourd’hui, il n’ira pas à l’école et je resterai avec lui.
- Oui, je comprends.
- On se voit samedi de toute façon ?
- Oui.
- Bien, à samedi. Bisou.
- Bisou.
- Victor is sick. He was coughing yesterday but he seemed healthy so I wasn’t worried.
- Yes.
- But, this morning, he didn’t get up so I took his temperature. 39°. It’s too much. Today he won’t go to school and i’ll stay with him.
- Yes, I understand.
- We’ll see each other on Saturday, anyway ?
- Yes.
- Good. See you on Saturday. Bye.
In France, two lovers send kisses to each other even over the phone.
Voyage (masc.) : trip, journey.
Horreur (fém.) : horror, awful thing.
Nombreux, nombreuse : many, large, numerous, in great number.
Tousser : to cough.
Sembler : to seem.
Température (fém.) : temperature.
Degré [°] (masc.) : degree.
De toute façon : anyway.
A lot of verbs are conjugated at the imparfait tense in this lesson 2 :
Il toussait, il semblait, je ne m’inquiétais pas, il ne se levait pas.

Let’s see how to form this new tense.
It’s quite easy : you take any verb you want, you conjugate it at the present with nous, then you remove the ending (-ons) and you now have the stem it uses for the imparfait.
Tousser --> nous toussons --> touss-
Lever --> nous levons --> lev-
Then you just have to add the imparfait endings :
-ais, -ais, -ait, -ions, -iez, -aient
These endings are the same for every verb of every group. No exception.


Sembler (sembl-)

Tousser (touss-)

Je semblais

Je toussais

Tu semblais

Tu toussais

Il semblait

Il toussait

Nous semblions

Nous toussions

Vous sembliez

Vous toussiez

Ils semblaient

Ils toussaient

Translate in French :
1. He was.
2. We were here.
3. You were alone.
4. They were happy.
5. He was coughing so I took his temperature.

Fièvre (fém.) : fever.

What do you understand ?



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