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- Entrez madame, entrez monsieur. Il y a un tout petit couloir et nous entrons dans le salon avec sa cuisine américaine. Il est assez grand mais, à l’inverse, les trois chambres sont plutôt petites. La cuisine n’est pas aménagée. Il y a la place pour le réfrigérateur et le four. La salle de bain est de taille moyenne mais elle est très pratique. Remarquez les placards dans toutes les chambres. Les chambres donnent côté cour et sont très calmes.
- Come in madam, come in sir. There’s a very small corridor and we enter the living-room with its open plan kitchen. It’s quite large but the three bedrooms, on the contrary, are quite small. The kitchen isn’t equipped. There’s the room for the refrigerator and the oven. The bathroom has a medium size but it’s very practical. You can see the closet in every bedroom. The bedrooms open into the courtyard so they’re very quiet.
Cuisine américaine means that there’s no separate room for the kitchen. It’s a very famous way to build or renovate an appartement or a house nowadays.
Assez : quite.
Four (masc.) : oven.
Pratique : practical, handy.
Placard (masc.) : closet, cupboard.
Cour (fém.) : courtyard.
Très is an adverb that you place just before the adjective to emphazise it. It is the equivalent of very.
La cuisine est très pratique (=very practical).

Tout is another adverb that you place before an adjective. Depending on the context, it may be translated by very, quite, all.
Il y a un tout petit couloir (=very small)

Assez is another adverb that you place before the adjective. It means rather or quite.
Le salon est assez grand (= quite large).

Plutôt is also an adverb. It means rather or quite.
Les trois chambres sont plutôt petites (=quite small).
French parisian buildings often are in the shape of a square with a courtyard inside. Many appartments have windows that open into the street and other windows that open into this courtyard. As Paris is quite noisy because of the traffic and because of the great amount of restaurants and bars, bedrooms that open on the courtyard are very popular : they are far more quiet.

Translate in English :
1. Il y a un placard dans la salle de bain.
2. Cette cuisine est plutôt pratique.
3. Le couloir est assez petit.
4. La chambre est très calme car elle donne sur la cour.
5. Le salon est de taille moyenne.



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