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- Regarde. Cette annonce est sympathique : Appart 92 m2 près de la Tour Eiffel.
- Le loyer n’est pas indiqué !
- Evidement. Celle-ci : Appart 85 m2. Porte d’Italie.
- Oui mais le loyer est trop cher !
- Ici : 80 m2 près du cimetière Montparnasse.
- Mais c’est encore trop cher.
- Alors celle-ci : Appart 78 m2. 4 pièces. Quartier Montparnasse.
- Je pense qu’il faudrait abandonner l’idée d’habiter un F5.
- Look. This ad looks nice. Appart 92 m2 near the Eiffel Tower.
- The rent is not written.
- No wonder why. This one : Appart 85 m2. Porte d’Italie.
- Yes but the rent is too expensive.
- Here : 80 m2 near the cimetière Montparnasse.
- But it’s too expensive as well.
- Then what about this one : appart 78 m2. 3 bedrooms. Montparnasse neighborhood.
- I think we can drop the idea of living in a four bedrooms appartment.
F5 or Type 5 is short for five rooms or four bedrooms.
Loyer (masc.) : rent.
Quartier (masc.) : neighborhood.
What about counting today ? You know how to count to 60 (soixante) but that’s not enough anymore ! Let’s learn next numbers.

70 is soixante-dix.
80 is quatre-vingt.
90 is quatre-vingt-dix.

It’s easy to count with 60 and 80 as it works exactly as 20, 30, 40 or 50.
For example, 61 is soixante et un and 62 is soixante-deux ; 81 is quatre-vingt-un (just notice the little particularity : there is no et with this number), 82 is quatre-vingt-deux. And so on.

With 70 and 90 it’s different : as we say dix (in soixante-dix and quatre-vingt-dix), we continue from that dix to dix-neuf. So we say : soixante et onze, soixante-douze, soixante-treize and so on, we stop at quatre-vingt (80). And that is the same from quatre-vingt-dix to quatre-vingt-dix-neuf. No et for 91 : we say quatre-vingt-onze. And we stop at cent (100).
Of course you know the Tour Eiffel, this iron lattice tower, 324 meters high (1,063 ft) built in 1889 by a French engineer, Gustave Eiffel. It has become the icon of France. And everyone recognizes it.

The Cimetière Montparnasse is near the Tour Montparnasse which is well-known too as it is a really skyscraper (210 meters high – 689 ft) built around 1969. It offers a really nice panoramic view on Paris from its 56th floor.
Translate in English :
1. Quatre-vingt-treize.
2. Cent.
3. Soixante-quatre.
4. Vingt-huit.
5. Soixante-dix-sept.

Translate in French :
1. 99
2. 88
3. 65
4. 72
5. 95



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