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- Voici le journal des petites annonces.
- On pourrait aussi chercher sur internet.
- Il nous faudrait quelle surface ?
- 70, 75 m2 au minimum, non ?
- Ah bon ? Je pensais plutôt à 80 ou 90 !
- On pourrait payer le loyer d’un appart aussi grand ?
- Je ne sais pas.
- Here’s the classified.
- We could look over the internet, too.
- What surface area do we need ?
- 70, 75 m2 at least, don’t you think ?
- Really ? I was thinking more about 80 or 90 !
- Could we afford the rent of such a big appartment ?
- I don’t know.
Journal des petites annonces, petites annonces : classified.
Internet (masc.) : internet.
Surface (fém.) : surface.
Mètre (masc.) : meter.
Mètre carré, m2 (masc.) : meter square, m2.
Carré (masc.) : square.
Surface, superficie (fém.) : surface, surface area.
Se permettre, pouvoir payer : to afford.
Loyer (masc.) : rent.
Let’s speak again today about the conditional mood.
Exactly as for the future tense, a few verbs are irregular at the conditional mood. They have a specific stem.
This stem is the same as for the future.
For example, when we conjugate pouvoir at the future tense, we say : je pourrai, tu pourras, …. That’s why at the conditional mood, we say : je pourrais, tu pourrais, …

In this lesson, we have two irregular verbs : pouvoir (pourr-) and falloir (faudr-).
In the previous one, we had several forms of the auxiliary être whose stem is ser- :
je serais, tu serais, ce serait.
Translate in English :
1. Vous seriez contents de venir.
2. Il faudrait que tu partes bientôt.
3. Nous pourrions aller à Paris.

Translate in French :
1. They’d rather eat at the restaurant tonight.
2. We’d be delighted to meet your friends.
3. You could help me !

Enchanté, enchantée : delighted.

What are the stems of the following verbs ?
Aller – avoir – savoir.

Intermediate - Lesson 12
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