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- Alors comment est la chambre ?
- Elle doit être chouette, c’est tout de même un hôtel deux étoiles.
- Entrons. Où est l’interrupteur ?
- J’allume.
- Ah non !
- Quoi ?
- Regarde, il y a deux lits simples et non un lit double.
- Nous les rapprocherons, ce n’est pas grave.
- Ah non !
- Quoi ?
- Il n’y a pas de baignoire dans la salle de bain mais une douche.
- Et bien nous prendrons des douches.
- Ah non !
- Quoi ?
- Notre chambre donne sur la route.
- Nous nous coucherons fatigués et nous dormirons bien.
- Tu as raison.
- So how’s the room ?
- It has to be great, we’re in a two stars hotel.
- Let’s enter. Where’s the switch ?
- I’m switching on.
- Oh no !
- What ?
- Look, there are tow single beds instead of a double.
- We’ll move them closer to each other, it doesn’t matter.
- Oh non !
- What ?
- There’s no bathtub in the bath room but a shower.
- So, we’ll take showers.
- Oh non !
- Our room has a view on the road.
- We’ll go to bed tired and we’ll sleep well.
- You’re right.
Chouette : great, neat.
Etoile (fém.) : star.
Interrupteur (masc.) : switch.
Lit (masc.) : bed.
Un lit simple : a single bed.
Un lit double : a double bed.
Baignoire (fém.) : bathtub.
Douche (fém.) : shower.
Donner sur : to have a view on.
Fatigué : tired
The hotels STAR classification can be tricky. It’s not international. So better check twice before saying « Two stars, I can’t be disappointed ». The stars reward the breakfast and lunch qualities. So if you have no interest on eating in the hotel, you might be very happy in a no star hotel. The size of the room also matters. Sometimes it can be almost funny to see a small bed lost in a desperately empty, boring, ugly and unconfortable room !

Let’s train together to reserve a room in a French hotel.

How would you ask to reserve a non smoker bedroom for two with two single beds and a bathtub for two nights ? You also want two breakfasts.

What do you understand ?



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