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- Puisqu’il te reste quelques jours de vacances et que je ne travaille pas ce vendredi, j’aimerais partir en week-end avec toi.
- Sans les enfants ?
- J’ai parlé à ma mère, elle est d’accord pour les garder.
- Elle est vraiment gentille. Ca ne lui posera pas trop de problèmes ?
- Tu sais, elle est à la retraite. Tu aimerais aller où ?
- Voir les châteaux de la Loire.
- Tu n’y es jamais allé ?
- Si. Il y a longtemps. Mais j’y retournerai avec plaisir
- Je réserve l’hôtel.
- As you’re still on holiday for a few days and as I’m not working this Friday, I’d like to go on a week-end trip with you.
- Without the children ?
- I’ve talked to my mother, she agrees to take care of them.
- She’s really nice. Won’t it be a bother for her ?
- You know, she’s retired. Where would you like to go ?
- To see the Châteaux de la Loire.
- You’ve never been there before ?
- Yes I have. A long time ago. But I’ll go again with pleasure.
- I’m taking care of the hotel reservation.
Si is used instead of oui when you want to assure that something negative is actually positive. Look at the example :
- Tu ne veux pas ? (You don’t want to ?)
- Si, je veux. (Yes, I do).
Vacances (fém. plur.) : holiday.
Quelques : some, few.
Voyage (masc.) : trip, journey.
Château (masc.) : castle. Châteaux de la Loire : Châteaux de la Loire, chateaux of the Loire, Loire Chateaux.
Il y a longtemps : a long time ago.
Hôtel (masc.) : hotel.
Réservation (fém.) : reservation.
J’aimerais, tu aimerais are forms of the conditional mood. They mean I would like, you would like. We use the conditional mood as soon as we want to express something hypothetical or a wish or a polite request.
We’ll explain to you later (but soon enough) how to conjugate conditional mood.
For today it will be enough that you just learn several useful forms such as :
J’aimerais, tu aimerais ( = I’d like, you’d like)
Je voudrais, tu voudrais (= I’d want, you’d want)
Where would you like to go for a three days week-end if you were in France ?
Try to create different sentences using :


les Châteaux de la Loire

J’aimerais aller



Je voudrais aller



J’adorerais aller


la montagne



EXAMPLE : J'aimerais aller visiter Bordeaux.


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