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- Je n’ai pas tout compris au cours d’aujourd’hui.
- La prof a parlé de tellement de choses.
- Elle a donné beaucoup de travail aussi.
- Ouais. Elle donne toujours beaucoup de travail, plus que la prof d’anglais.
- Mais je préfère la prof d’histoire.
- Pourquoi ?
- Elle a de plus belles jambes.
- I didn’t understand everything about today’s lesson.
- The teacher talked about so many things. - She gave a lot of work, too.
- Yeah. She always give a lot of work, more than the english teacher.
- But I like the history teacher better.
- Why ?
- Her legs look better.
Her legs or everything you imagine.

Just notice we have here a verb of the third group : comprendre (to understand). Its past participle is compris. We’ll meet later other third group verbs and their participles. Meanwhile just learn that one. it can be really useful for you to know such a sentence : Je n’ai pas compris.
Prof (professeur) : teacher.
Jambe (fém.) : leg.
Ouais : yeah, yep.
Here we meet again Marie’student and their strange way of speaking !
Listen to them.

This time, they use too the passé composé but you notice there is no difference in the pronunciation of the verbs.
Differences are always the same : some syllables (with e) disappear as in beaucoup d’travail and they don’t say : je n’ai pas tout compris but j’ai pas tout compris.

Once again it’s a really common way of speaking.

- J’ai pas tout compris au cours d’aujourd’hui.
- La prof a parlé d’tell’ment d’choses.
- Elle a donné beaucoup d’travail aussi.
- Elle donne toujours beaucoup d’travail, plus que la prof d’anglais.
- Mais j’préfère la prof d’histoire.
- Pourquoi ?
- Elle a d’plus belles jambes.
Translate in French :
1. You gave a lot of things.
2. He talked too much, today.
3. We had a wonderful night.

Translate in English :
1. Tu as compris quelque chose ?
2. La prof d’anglais est plus cool que la prof d’histoire.
3. Mais la prof d’histoire a de plus belles jambes.

Trop : too much.

Can you understand this short dialogue before looking at the transcription ?



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