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L’anniversaire :
- Joyeux anniversaire !
- C’est le moment de souffler les bougies.
(Victor souffle les bougies)
- Bravo !
- Voici les cadeaux.
Des lego de la part de Michael.
De la pâte ŕ modeler de la part de Sophie et Zoé .
Du chocolat de la part de Nathan.
Qui veut du gâteau ?
The birthday party :
- Happy birthday !
- It’s time to blow the candles out.
(Victor blows the candles out)
- Congratulation !
- Now, it’s presents time.
Lego from Michael.
Modeling clay from Sophie and Zoé.
Chocolate from Nathan.
Who wants cake ?
Moment (masc.) : moment, time.
Souffler : to blow.
Bougie (fém.) : candle.
Bravo : well done, congratulation, bravo.
De la part de : from.
Chocolat (masc.) : chocolate.
Gâteau (masc.) : cake.
In front of a noun, we can find le, la, les or un, une.
We can also find des which is the plural for un or une.
Un gâteau / des gâteaux
Une tarte aux pommes / des tartes aux pommes

In this lesson, we also have du and de la. There are partitive articles. They’re used to indicate an unknown quantity of something. It can often be translated by some or any.

- We use du with a masculine and singular noun :
du chocolat, du gâteau
- We use de la with a feminine and singular noun :
de la pâte ŕ modeler, de la tarte.
Attention !
Du and de la become de l’ in front of a singular noun that begins with a vowel or an unpronounced h.
de l’eau

Attention !
When we have de la part de Sophie, both de are prepositions here and not articles.
There are different sorts of de in French. We’ll see them later. We already met one when we spoke about possession :
La voiture de Jean (Jean’s car)
Translate in French :
1. Happy birthday !
2. A necklace from my mother.
3. Who wants chocolate ?

Translate in English :
1. Je veux du pain et des croissants.
2. C’est le moment de jouer.
3. Soufflez vos bougies.


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