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Le petit déjeuner :
- Tu veux manger quoi ?
- Je veux un yaourt et des céréales.
- Et un café noir pour moi. Tu vas au gymnase, aujourd’hui ?
- Aujourd’hui, à 11 h, on joue au basket. A midi, on mange et à 13h30, on travaille.
- Mets ton manteau, je t’emmène à l’école.
At breakfast :
- What do you want to eat ?
- I want a yoghurt and some cereals.
- And a black coffee for me. Are you going to the gymnasium today ?
- Today, at 11, we play basketball. A 12, we eat and at 1:30, we work.
- Put on your coat, I’m taking you to school.
Yaourt allows a lot a different writings. You will find also yahourt and yoghourt. We never say the full word basketball but always basket.
Yaourt (masc.) : yoghurt.
Céréale (fém.) : cereal.
Gymnase (masc.) : gymnasium.
Basket, basketball (masc.) : basketball.
Midi : noon, 12 o’clock.
Travailler : to work.
Manteau (masc.) : coat.
Emmener : to take, to bring.
On is a personal pronoun. We can only use it as a subject one. In informal language, it can remplace nous : we use on to speak about of group of persons we’re in.
Even if it means we and is used for a group, it conjugates as he or she.
On joue, on mange, on travaille.
Attention !
On can also be an indefinite pronoun. We’ll speak about it later.

In this lesson, we have tu vas. It’s a form of the very irregular verb aller that doesn’t conjugate as the other –er verbs.

Tu veux manger quoi ? is quite casual. Another way to ask the question (still not formal) would have been : Qu’est-ce que tu veux manger ? Much less easy, isn’t it ? That way of asking a question will become familiar soon enough.
Translate in French :
1. I want bread and croissants for breakfast today.
2. You eat at 12.
3. Put on your pants.

Translate in English :
1. Vous voulez boire quoi ? (Qu’est-ce que vous voulez boire ?)
2. Tu vas à la mairie aujourd’hui ?
3. On travaille, on joue, on mange.


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