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En voiture :
- Nous voici à Boulogne.
Cherchons maintenant l’immeuble de Marie et Victor.
Ils habitent rue Lafayette, près de la mairie et leur immeuble a une porte bleue.
Voici la mairie… Voici la rue Lafayette.
- Regarde Papa, une porte bleue.
- Je me gare.
Appartement n°11 (onze).

In the car :
- We are now at Boulogne.
Let’s seek for Marie and Victor’s building.
They live rue Lafayette, near the city hall and their building has a blue gate.
Here is the city hall… Here is the rue Lafayette.
- Look, Dad, a blue gate.
- I park the car.
Appartment #11.
No new grammatical notion is this lesson. Instead, we have strenghten the vocabulary part.
In English, door and gate are two different things. They’ll be translated with the same word in French : porte.
Voiture (fém.) : car.
Chercher : to look for, to seek, to seek for.
Maintenant : now.
Immeuble (masc.) : building.
Rue (fém.) : street.
Près de : near.
Mairie (fém.) : city hall.
Porte (fém.) : gate, door.
Garer, se garer : to park.
Appartement (masc.): flat, appartment.
In French, the definite article (English the) may have different forms :

1. With a masculine and singular noun, we’ll use : le.
Le lion, le singe, le marchand de glace

2. With a feminine and singular noun, we’ll use : la.
la girafe, la panthère

Attention !
If the noun following the determinant begins with a voyel or an unpronounced h, we won’t use le or la anymore but l’ instead.
l’éléphant, l’école, l’enfant

3. With a plural noun, we’ll always use : les
les éléphants, les poupées
Between 1852 and 1870, Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, commissioned by Napoleon III worked on a modernisation program for the city of Paris. The changes were tremendous. The architecture of that (called architecture haussmannienne) still remains as the main architecture of Paris.

Translate in French :
1. Here’s Marie’s building.
2. Look. The house has a blue door.
3. I park the car.

Translate in English :
1. Nous voici à Paris
2. Elles habitent boulevard Haussmann
3. Achetez onze voitures rouges.
4. Tu habites près de la mairie.

What about you ? Are you living in a house or an appartment ?
Et vous ? Vivez-vous en maison ou en appartement ?


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